In an age of overly digitized, obscenely filtered, and photo-shopped journalism, it seems most appropriate to create a narrative that candidly documents a portion of society that is grossly ridiculed, glorified, and ridiculed once more – street culture.

JUMP is a thematic journal that pens the delirious nature of this culture. Which begs the question what is street culture? A conundrum of some sort? A diluted form of culture appropriation? Or perhaps culture in its purest form. Nonetheless it is as timely as it is timeless and more essential in the digital age than ever before.

Whether it is an exposé or a long-awaited climax the publication records it an explicit and unsolicited manner. Based in Toronto, the focus is naturally on Toronto’s street scene. The substance of this scene is predominately found in the arts and as a result a large portion of our editorials will be based on hip hop artists, graffiti artists, and stylistic artists.

The scope of our work is unapologetic and exclusive to preserve that which is authentic. Its’ incredibly tiresome to produce every trending topic and so we won’t.The very idea that social media is news should be enough to disgust any sane man. There is nothing newsworthy about social cesspools and critical pariahs no matter how au courant it may be.

Generally speaking this is nothing to lament over. I’ll  even admit that it makes a good story. And while I may read about it, I will certainly not publish anything based on “noise, buzz, or attention.”

Uncut and uncensored – we get it all from the JUMP.

Leandre Monet, Editor

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