Roy Wood$ seems to be infatuated with a particular woman, or perhaps women. The EP refers to relationship norms; intimacy, sex, drama, jealously, anger and pain with his female companion. The EP starts with “Innocence” and ends with “Jealously,” much like a real relationship.


“Pick and choose what you need and who you want, girl I’m there

You can call on me when you know there’s no one else”  – Roy Woods on Go, Go, GO


Roy Wood$ could have released a better EP. “Exis” was a good project however Wood$ eluded to being a better artist than he demonstrates on his debut EP. The common theme throughout “Exis” is dark, not in terms of lyrics but strictly in production. Wood$ voice echoes in and out with background vocals softly stressing each word. “Get You Good” differs in that regard as the bass lightens the soundscape. Is it worth listening to? Absolutely, we can’t blame him for releasing his EP at the height of OVO season and we certainly can’t deny his unique artistry. Therefore although we would have liked to hear something more to the tune of “I got” or “All of You”, this project was as previously stated, good.


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