88 Camino
Photo by Tyler Hayward


“” is Drew Howard’s latest EP written with the same aesthetic as his hit single Uncle Tona. The EP relays the story of a young man who enjoys the simple of pleasures of life and indisputably values friendship. While he eloquently glorifies vanity he also recognizes the people whom were part of his life prior to his success and thus before his plans were spurred into action. The people that have come thereafter don’t matter a great deal to him because he is well aware of friends vs faux’s. This is most evident in songs Randoms and You’re Not My Mans.


“I cannot wait till it happens, and see your reaction, that’s when they act like none of this shit happened. That’s when they tell me I’m so great at rapping.” – Drew Howard on Your Not My Mans


If you’re a Drew Howard fan you’ll be pleased with this EP because it is a stylistic extension of the music he has become known for. In a recent interview with Hypetrak Howard explained that ‘Randoms, Lara Croft and Bombae — don’t differ much because [he] recorded them around the same time [he] made Uncle Tona.’ However, You’re Not My Mans differs drastically because it is somewhat of a teaser for what we can expect from his upcoming releases.


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