In theory, January is the month of annual resolutions accompanied by nightmarish office parties, preposterous fireworks, and sloppy midnight kisses to commemorate the event. In America, a little less than half the population hurry to write down their New Year’s resolutions – a commitment that is forgotten just as quickly as it is penned. Needless to say, the year continues as it has in the past with no interruption safe for a new mortgage, a new family member, and to our chagrin, perhaps a few new wrinkles.

In practice, September is the ultimatum of resolutions, particularly for those in the realm of mainstream academia because this is the month that students tend to outperform themselves. This lends itself to essential character building (non-surprisingly the focus of this month issue) which we recognize as having great importance in our society. It is crucial to note that studious individuals build undeniable characters and good character amounts to phenomenal inner creativity that can be shared through various mediums.

In this issue of JUMP, the linchpin of conversation is on artists whose characters we find to be of particular interest. We are specifically keen to broadcast the aesthetic of musicians that have a humble following and a strong portfolio. Artists such as Brandon Henry, Brandon Dramatic and Erik Flowchild intrigue us because their lyrical content is extremely unique. These performers perfectly exert their individuality in order to create music that strays from the banal artistry that dominates their genre of study.

JUMP could be compared in this same regard because we are a small publication, with a rather small following that is driven by providing the best content to our viewers. This month, and in the following months our site will be releasing what we call “Music Mondays” were we feature two music profiles (singers, songwriters, producers, videographers, directors, etc) who are worth listening to. This will also be accompanied by one person who we deem as the “Artist of the Month”– Someone who we believe is making a significant difference in music, and deserves to be recognized with a candid interview and additional promotional tactics. Moreover the other areas we are looking into, include an interactive forum as well as a greater social media presence. We are currently limited to Twitter but in the coming weeks you will be seeing a JUMP page on other platforms such as Youtube, Facebook and or Instagram.

Keep in touch through these channels and lets us know how you feel about our new changes! Always strive to be a better you, and don’t be afraid to express the artists within you. Stay blessed, and stay humble.

Leandre, Editor

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