Kensho (Right; All Black) Captured from Kensho's Facebook
Kensho (Right; All Black)
Captured from Kensho’s Facebook

Kensho is extremely experimental; you’ll enjoy being on a musical journey with him. His songs seek to transport the listener to a different world and to lead them through completely different soundscapes. His aesthetic seem to find a place in every element of his expression (cue fashion) and he seems to be able to incorporate oriental music styles into his work. Head over to his soundcloud where you’ll find a selection of songs that he’s released this past year. His two most recent songs are: “Blood Moon Song” and “Forest Chant”.

Fun Fact: Kenshō is a Japanese term used to describe an enlightening experience; seeing nature’s true essence.


BOYBLUE  Captured from his personal Instagram
Captured from BOYBLUE’s Instagram

This guy is perhaps my favorite singer from Brampton – blessing the GTA with his post rock, r&b, and alternative style. You have to hear him cover The Weeknd’s “What you need” which he turns into a mellow ballad. Other songs that are worth listening to include: “50 Shades” and “Tokyo” (Tokyo also has visuals which you can check out on Youtube!)

Fun Fact: He linked up with Melvy Pockets (also from 905) on a song called “Don’t Forget”.

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