Leila Dey is Toronto’s best kept secret steadily revealing herself to the world. Her EP I’ve Arrived boasts seven songs; three of which are interludes. On her first track “I’ve Arrived” she talks about putting out her project and the criticism that follows suit. Songs like “Glass House,” “Who to Trust,” and “I Know,” illustrate the opinionated remarks of others that seek to undermine her efforts. Nevertheless, Dey remains rooted in her music and warns that negative energy returns itself to the owner. “Karma” unsurprisingly makes its way onto the EP as the last song.


“I truly believe; whatever you put out in the universe you get back. So… if you’re putting out negativity, then negativity will always come to you.” – Leila Dey on Law (Interlude)


The record feels short – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing– but it does leave the listener wanting more. This is perhaps due to the interludes that arise after every 2 or 3 songs. Although they are strategically placed they almost interrupt the listening experience. Nonetheless, we’d definitely recommend I’ve Arrived because exemplifies ebb and flow.

* The EP is released on a very special day – October 11th, which would have been Toya Dey’s (Leila’s younger sister) 19th birthday. Happy Birthday Toya, there’s no doubt that your sister is still making you proud!



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