This Monday we focus on two upcoming producers that focus on a mix of Hip Hop and R&B sounds. Arizona Husky and GHD are some producers from the GTA we feel you should get to know. Find out why below!

Arizona Husky

Arizona Husky

Arizona Husky released what looks to be his first EP Win this summer. Since then he’s released several one offs like “Wild” and “&2” which came out as recently as last week. “YNI” is one of his most promising songs – although it’s just under two minutes, it gives you a really good sense of what this producer is capable of.




Aspiring music producer GHD is off to a good start. GHD (real name, Geraldo de Lara) has played around with different styles of music – excelling in R&B. There’s no doubt that he’d love to collaborate with the likes of Tinashe but were sure that collaboration with a select few Toronto R&B artists could have an equally powerful impact on the genre. “3:15” (an edit of Donell Jones – Shorty) is more R&B however the producer has also managed to produce some Hip Hop tracks like “[lmfao idk]”.


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