I hate trolls…I really hate trolls. Not just the mythical kind with disproportionate figures, empty eyes, and drooping noses but internet trolls – which, in all honesty – are far worse. They thrive on demoralizing others with troubling comments and inarticulate arguments through the use of their personal computers. What’s more is that the internet troll is no more than an insecure individual who critics (and I use the world lightly) other people based on bias and malicious opinions. For all intensive purposes these people ought to be ignored.

In our society people hate on you when you’re succeeding the most. Take Jimmy Kimmel’s “Celebrity Mean Tweets” for example, your favorite stars take the hardest because they’re so successful. The only way for them to deal with this setback is to prove that they deserve to be where they are, and that should be your response to negativity as well. Aim for greatness no matter what people have to say about it. Know yourself, respect yourself and always ensure that your voice stands out amongst the others.

Leandre Monet, Editor

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