Daniel Caesar

Daniel Caesar
Shot by Liam MacRae

It would be a crime for us not to talk about Pilgrim’s Paradise which was released by Daniel Caesar a couple weeks ago. Caesar has the unique ability to take his audience on a continuous journey. Birds of Paradise, Praise Break and Pilgrim’s Paradise are all projects that he’s released in less than two years, and they all transport you to a different place. If one word could describe this guy it would be: relentless.

Listen to “Paradise” on the newest EP featuring BadBadNotGood and Sean Leon.

(Critical Review coming soon…)



Shout out to Hamilton! Producer/MC Emay, is making some really good music out there. His EP Sinner came out almost a year ago, and it’s really good. He has some other really good hip hop instrumentals but he also seems very open to experimenting. Emay’s definitely one to watch for. Check out his EP below. (Something tells us he’s working on a new album!)

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