Kyle Wildfern is gifted with a tone of voice that automatically captures the ear. His voice is considerably deep, imposing and intimidating. At the same time, he has the ability to use humor to captivate his audience. This is apparent on the song “Wishes” which appears on his most recent mixtape Presque Vu (French for “Almost Saw”). The mixtape includes eight songs with a feature from fellow Brampton rapper Jordan Cassius. Wildfern gets us thinking with phrases like …

“Only time they’ll put me in a box is at a funeral”


“I’m ghostwriting my eulogy”

The talent coming out of Brampton is phenomenal and it should make anyone affiliated with the 905 extremely proud. It’s one of the only suburbs going as hard as the big city and Wildfern is one of the reasons for it.

His mixtape is deep, profound, and multi-layered and will require a few weeks or months to fully appreciate it. Listen to it below and the new video “How II”by Kyle Wildfern and Martin Sole.


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