Fredericks Reginald


There’s only a matter of time before Fredericks Reginald receives considerable attention from a larger audience because his mixtape Nappy Headed is beyond impressive. From “Money Ting” to “Black Man” to “Wah Gwan” Reginald evokes the likes of Nas, ODB and Busta Rhymes. The MC addresses 21st century quarrels and how the black man fits or rather stands out in a hyper-racial society.


Shaman Kid


The clever wordplay on THC – Toronto’s High Club – coined by Shaman Kid inspired us to listen to his new project P.S which was released just over a week ago. The three tracks (a popular number for EP’s) include dope beats, wordplay, and originality.

Lanzo Forever

Lanzo Forever

After listening to the “King Me Freestyle,” there’s no way you can deny Lanzo Forever’s talent. The Toronto rapper previously released “Fvr Gang” and “The Real Rigamortis.”He reps the Forever Gang which includes producer Emay Forever and visual artist Raf Forever.

Louis Val

Louis Val

The utmost respect is reserved for any producer, artist, etc. working inside their home to create something of value for themselves and their audience. Louis Val is an artist that did just that – recording inside his closet – to provide us with a three part R&B playlist called Downtown in anticipation of his debut EP. Louis Val is 17 years old and has so far limited collaborating to Tyriqueordie affiliated with GoodMorningAm.

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