In 2015 hair was the ultimate accessory – forget the Yeezy Boost 350’s, Balenciaga Arena’s, Nike Huarache’s, New Balance 997’s or Y-3 Yohji Boost Trainers if you didn’t have good hair you didn’t have anything.

This year we saw a huge shift towards natural mid length hair which was re-popularized by Chief Keef in 2012. Since then rappers have experimented with the style, some even adding colour to it like Wiz Khalifa and his purple locs, or Partynextdoor and his blond locs.

In Toronto you can expect to find your local barber shop with men ages 4 to 40. On par with the sneaker game, the hair game is extremely important because it represents an extension of the self.

Below are a list of Toronto artists that especially managed to showcase their personalities through hair.


Hair - The Weeknd NY

The Weeknd has become notorious for his pineapple shaped hair. However this look is one of many for the singer.

The Weeknd evolution of hair



Jazz Cartier La Fleur

Jazz Cartier has been known to wear pipe cleaners in his hair. Yes, pipe cleaners which is probably why he’s always ready to pipe it up. (Also let’s acknowledge the fact that Cuzzi is wearing a Basquiat t-shirt; Basquiat who is basically a hair god).


Hair - Castro Guapo

If you look closely you’ll notice that Ca$tro has sea shells randomly placed in his hair. Sea shells, so yes, this guy is wavy.

4. Czech Royalty aka Scotty

Hair -  Czech Royalty

Czech Royalty is literally the black goldie locs. He recently released an EP with the title and given his latest hairstyle, you can see why.


Hair - Drew Howard

Drew Howard’s hair is probably just as untamed as he is. Whether black or blonde he usually rocks unkempt midsize locs.

We can’t help but think they kind of look like baby corn though…

baby corn.jpg

And, that’s 2015’s top 5! If we missed anyone let us know via Twitter or in the comment section below.

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