2015’s Jumpman of the year goes to Tory Lanez who managed to top the charts with his hit single “Say It” earlier this year.  The multi-talented artist was born in Toronto’s downtown core but traveled around the United States during his early youth. After that time period Lanez returned to Toronto at the age of 14 where he focused most of his time and energy on music.

Today, the artist is reaping the benefits of his hard work through sold out shows, loyal fans and well deserved accolades. Lanez has described his style of music as being swavey and in an interview with Time Out he defined the term as being “an artist who has the talent to fuse more than one genre and still make it his own.” Given his crossover of R&B and Hip Hop, this definition is most appropriate.

Over the last two years Lanez has added three bodies of work to his repertoire including; Chixtape II, Lost Cause and Cruel Intentions. A lot of his songs off these projects were released on Fridays which he coined as Fargo Fridays but what has made him this year’s JUMPMAN of the year is his consistency, dedication and content. Lanez manages to balance all three at a time where Toronto rappers are heavily competing with similar features for the same spotlight.

Regardless, the rapper isn’t afraid to share  some his spotlight as he did on his new song and video with Nyce on“Traphouse.”The video was presumably filmed at his Toronto condo and effortlessly captures the essence of Toronto parties.

In 2016, we hope Lanez has more to celebrate with new songs, production styles, and features in order to create something sensational. For now we offer our congratulations to a man who’s certainly making Toronto proud.

Congratulations Tory Lanez!

Watch some of Tory’s best moments of 2015!

He’s definitely one of the top 10 ragers along with rising superstar Travis Scott.


Look at his interviews below! #Hot97 #Breakfast Club


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