CMDWN Castro & Fiji ‘ATLANADA’

“WE ARE NOT HOMIES!” Is definitely a phrase that you have heard if you  have been around to any underground rap events in the recent year. Castro Guapo & Fiji’s “WE ARE NOT HOMIES!”  makes waves as one of the hottest underground sounds to come out of the Toronto – GTA area within the last year. Building up on their first released track , Cmdwn’s Castro & Fiji Have Released a Brand new mixture of Atlanta & Toronto sound by the name “Atlanada”. The name Atlanada comes as a mix between Castro’s Atlanta background and Fiji’s Canadian/Toronto background to create a unique title as well as a very unique sound. The mixtape features hit tracks such as “We Are Not Homies” , “Spiteful” & “Talking Too Much”. Make sure that you don’t miss this wave of hot Toronto heat before they make their world-wide debut, as they travel to perform in Switzerland & to Japan alongside IT G MA’s Keith Ape.

Fiji (left) featured beside Castro Guapo (right)



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