Derin Falana is back with Live From Rocky Mountain

It’s not like he ever left but Derin Falana is back with Live From Rocky Mountain a new project that features monstrous production. The classic hip hop and gospel influence on this artistic endeavor is insane. These are the type of beats that both Jay-Z and J.Cole would appreciate. Not to mention, Falana’s decision to avoid the typical trap-esque instrumentals make this LP even more interesting.

Now, when it comes to lyrical content we’ve got to appreciate Falana’s ability to keep it real on all 9 tracks. Some notable songs include “The Pick Up,” “Vacation,” “12 A.M” and “Summer Vibes”.

“Vacation” is one of those songs you’ll probably listen to on multiple occasions because it actually feels like you’ve gone on vacation. The song channels the feeling you get when you’re visiting your cousins somewhere in the Caribbean, drinking a Heineken, and lounging without a care in the world.

On top of that, Derin Falana brings the song to another level by rapping about following through with his mission and hustling towards the type of success that allows him to really take off.  If anything, LFRM is a good indication that he’s headed in the right direction.

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