“It’s unfortunate that people get caught up in striving to have society love you while you should be focusing on genuinely loving yourself.”

Patrick Perez’s new single “SMA” featuring Fredericks Reginald, tylorj, and Eric LaChance (Gato Blanco) is the embodiment of this notion. This track is the product of a bottle of wine and intense conversation between creative minds. SMA is a big “F*** you” to those who are focused on hating on people’s passions and visions.

Toronto, also known as the screwface capital, has definitely lived up to it’s name. Although filled with creatives and eccentric beings alike, it’s plagued with people telling others how you should portray yourself as an individual in order to be accepted in the masses.

Coloured with illustrious electronic melodies from Patrick, this song takes a turn once the message comes into play. With the brash wordplay of Freddy and tylorj, you begin to get the importance of having a strong self awareness. Especially being in the realm of relentless artists within this city, the hook delivered by Gato Blanco is that jab / hook combo that delivers this message.


Give it a listen, form your own opinion:

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