Blaise Moore’s debut EP London is a r&b and soul collection with elements of hip hop and trap production. Moore tells the story of a doomed relationship through the three main tracks “Hands”, “He don’t” and “Friends”. The integrity and certain theme of the EP allows for a sense of unity and cohesive throughout the project. “Hands” is a notably good song because it flows directly from the Intro “LGW” as if it were one song.



“I would kill and ride the thrill like a wave”

– Blaise Moore on He Don’t


This is one of the best EP’s of 2016 because every nuance is considered; from lyrics to production and vocal quality. Every pause on London is meaningful and strategic as if to give the listener a chance to the body of work. Blaise Moore’s voice is smooth with rusty undertones which allows her to capture her audience from the first track. Additionally, her stylistic approach is a halfway house between Banks and Lana Del Rey -in other words, it’s a f**king experience.


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