From a production standpoint, Views stretched itself into infinity  with compounded sounds that you could only hear in studio headphones or well-rounded speakers. 40 (also, Noah Shebib) managed to consistently prove himself as an extraordinary producer, along with Boi-1da (Matthew Samuels) and Nineteen 85 (Paul Jefferies) who created some of the biggest hits off this album.


If Views was purely instrumental, the word “classic” could be applied. However, when considered in its totality – the album fell short. After two years of aggressively promoting the album, Drake’s fourth studio album did not meet expectations.

Lyrically speaking, the 6 God did not cover any new ground nor did he cross any new lines. In fact, he stayed within the boundaries he fought so hard to push. How many times have we heard Drake; rant, complain, or moan over his ex-girlfriends or make corny metaphors that make us cringe (cue: chaining tatum)?

We’re not saying that he should start rapping about guns and gangs – we’ve all seen what happened to Bobby Shmurda. However, he should be delivering something new, holistic, and genuine to his fan base. Views seemed rushed, like a late assignment that he couldn’t afford to lose any more marks on. The aggressive tones weren’t aggressive enough and the R&B Drake sang a little too much.

drake guns.gif

With all that being said, Drake still came out on top – literally. As billboard stated “Views is a streaming powerhouse, and currently owns the four largest streaming weeks for an album. In total, the album’s tracks have now generated more than 1 billion on-demand audio streams in the U.S. — 1.07 billion to be more exact.” There’s no debating that Drake truly does have “the Midas touch”.

It’s as if no matter what Drake does he receives praise (except for hugging Lebron after the Raptors lost Game 6). He’s a hit making genius that has dominated the genre through consistency.

drake colour block.gif

As per this weeks’ episode of OVO Sound Radio; Drake knows what the people want and he’s ready to give it to them. If the summer’s anything like “4 PM in Calabasas” then we’re ready to accept Views for what it is and enjoy a summer worth of rosé and calamari.

Notable songs off Views From the 6 include; “Views,” “Too Good ft. Rihanna,” “Weston Road Flows” and “One Dance”.


Disclaimer: Still a Drizzy fan…

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