If you haven’t been watching Group Chat you should be. The show airs on Youtube as part of 4YallEntertainment’s newest segment. On this show guests are invited to Much Digital Studios to talk to brothers Jae Richards and Trey Richards about almost anything. The two are great at facilitating conversations regarding topics such as thirst traps, friend zones, plastic surgery and more.

In terms of dynamic, Trey comes off as the funnier guy while Jae typically seems much more serious (although he’s a little more animated in the one below). We should also note that Jae is constantly chewing his toothpick which may be why he doesn’t talk as much.

If you’re one of those people that likes fipping through channels then you might find yourself skipping through these hourly Group Chats. With that being said, no matter where you land in the video you can always guarantee that you’ll be entertained. These Group Chats fly by and leave you looking forward to the next episode.

Some notable guests on the show have included Marlon Palmer aka ThatDudeMcFly, John River and Laith Hakeem.

Check out the video below!

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