If you’re into Toronto’s new hip hop scene – I’m talking scene girls, Hennessy (lots of Hennessy), rooftop after parties, delirious concerts, and anything related to that – you’ve probably heard of Tosh Moore. If not, then please keep reading.

The relationship between hip hop and high fashion is undeniable. If you think back to the 90s you might remember Tupac Shakur and his love for Versace. More specifically, you might remember that in 1996 Giovanni Versace invited him to walk down the runway in a full gold suit. That event was legendary because it indicated that hip hop was influential throughout the fashion world. Prior to that, the genre had been almost exclusively associated with athletic brands. Nike, Adidas and Reebok heavily contributed to the sneaker collecting, supreme wearing, hip hop culture that now exists.

In Toronto, Tosh Moore is the bridge between those two industries. The young model  is signed to Major Models Milan and Lang Models Toronto which has allowed him to model for Places + Faces, Official Issue Xo, Roots, Publish and Onitsuka Tiger Japan.

Outside of modelling he supports hip hop artists like CMDWN; an up and coming hip hop collective from Atlanta and Toronto.  His friendships have also landed him in videos like Jazz Cartier’s “Switch / The Downtown Cliché” and The Weeknd’s “King of the Fall”.

When he’s not on screen Tosh is working behind the scenes to get people to Toronto.  So far he has been successful in recruiting Ian Connor, J-Stash, Danny Seth, and Father – all for their first times in Canada. For a guy that started out modelling he’s starting to be known for a whole lot more.

Come 2017 I fully expect to hear girls chanting “Oh my gosh, it’s Tosh” while downing a bottle of Hennessy (lots of Hennessy) to Tosh’s Dj set.  For now, uploading a selfie with a t-shirt of a brand Tosh has promoted will do.  Alternatively, if Kanye West promotes him as his new stylist that would be unreal; given his modelling experience it would only make sense.

— This has been your model alert –

Edit: This article has been edited to give you a better sense of Tosh Moore.

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