Brampton’s savvy new photographer EPROD (David Ellington II) examines life through a different lens. Despite only getting serious about photography nearly two years go; the young creative has built a portfolio that has drastically improved with time.

He’s also quick to mention that being from the suburbs has been more beneficial to his career than some might expect. When prompted the photographer said he really enjoys Brampton:

Brampton means a lot more to me then most and sometimes people don’t appreciate where they are from. In the past 7 years Bramptonians have grown in the entertainment industry and with potential in all areas…

“People like Jus Reign, 4 Yall entertainment, Alessia Cara, Roy Woods, WondaGurl, EestBound all come from Brampton and I’m proud to say that I do too”


What the most enjoyable thing about photography?
The best thing about photography to me would definitely have to be the fact that I have an opportunity to connect with many different people… Photography allows me to express myself in a way that I would not be able to if I simply explained my thoughts. A picture, allows people to visually imagine my thoughts and to look deeper into my creative process.

Speaking of imagination, what makes a great photo?
A great photo is the connection between the photographer and the model. If the photographer can’t make the model feel comfortable being themselves it makes the photo look too static and unrealistic. A good photo should be sharp and detailed. With street photography (mostly urban settings found in the hip-hop/ music scene) you get a range of styles and emotions in the image just based on how the model dresses or the energy they channel.

Any hardships in your line of work?
The hardest thing about location photography is being able to adapt to the environment and differentiating yourself from the competition. Once you find your sweet spot and understand your signature techniques; people can identify you for your style.

How do you tell an amateur from a professional – everyone takes photos now!
The difference is simply the trial and error process. I remember when I first started doing photography I practiced and remembered a lot of techniques and became really familiar with different styles of shooting. A beginner may also take amazing shots even though they’ve just got into the art, but they may just lack the knowledge of running into certain issues or learning from one of their peers. Technology is rising so quickly that even people who take amazing shots can simply pull out their smartphones and capture a scene. Its all based on your perception of things.

Do you think there’s a Toronto photography culture?
Most definitely there is a photography culture in Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto that’s growing very very quickly. Millennials are finally exploring the art of photography at a young age.

Instagram: @E.PROD
Twitter: @OfficialEprod

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