DMMRI (short for: Don’t Make Me Repeat It) is a collaborative effort between rapper Fredericks Reginald and producer Patrick Perez. The two grabbed our attention last summer with “Amerikka” which may now be an appropriate way to describe the racial undertones manifesting themselves south of the border.

DMMRI however, is less political but equally adversarial – suggestive of the Guruilla EP that it will be released on. Guruilla is of course a play on the words “Guerilla Warfare” and much like the term, the project surprisingly attacks those who create, think and live according to the unchallenged norms established by the fabric of society. Using  Patrick Perez’s dark, chilling and eerily spacious beats, Fredericks Reginald openly criticizes the different aspects of society that affect his day-to-day life.

Patrick Perez notes that:

“Listeners should prepare for an onslaught of unmannerly content expertly meshed with witty word-play and gut wrenching production.”


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