This review is long overdue but In Samadhi (EP) is just as relevant today as it was yesterday. Perhaps it took a while to dissect because there’s a lot that Keysha Freshh has had on her plate. Blurring the line between old school hip hop and contemporary hip hop is not easy but Keysha Freshh does it well.

The artist plunges into a number of topics including female sexuality on”Deep End,” loyalty on “My Mans,” and self fulfillment on “DOYOU”. The EP is Keysha’s 6th studio project within an eight year time frame, which embodies her commitment to music.

In Samadhi  is entirely produced by BriskInTheHouse of the GOOD x JESUS collective, and engineered by the talented Brisk. She describes her collaboration with Brisk as “a life changing experience” as a result of being “extremely spiritual” which helped both creatives build dialogue that would become the meditative driving force behind a phenomenal project.

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