WHILLA’s 2016 debut is an art piece with only one painter – the artist exclusively produced her tracks and omitted any features for the 5-track EP. For the singer, there is strength in solitude:

“…There have been times where I would go to other producers & try to explain my vision, but they would never seem to get it quite right, obviously because they can’t hear exactly what’s in my head. It was really frustrating at times. So to be able to produce, mix and master everything myself is perfect, because everything comes out exactly how I want it to… literally the ultimate creative freedom…”

Distinct from Saint John of the Cross’ Dark Night of The Soul poem, WHILLA’s EP is deeply personal. She reveals that “This project was birthed through years of denial and dishonesty” which led to a loss of identity and a transition towards self discovery and music. Her objective was to find herself and to find her soul which is clearly voiced on a track appropriately called “Soul”. The main question she asks throughout the record is “Where did your soul go?” and it’s a question that gives rise to many more.

Experience WHILLA’s journey below:

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