Dear JUMP followers,

I am extremely humbled to have grown such a passionate community with avid listeners of the Toronto urban scene. As we move into the new year I would like to pinpoint some moments that made this year truly memorable. Some of our highlights include the support from Hypebeast LA who made a great contribution to our site through his networks, the wonderful playlist that came together under the Toronto start-up Zambah, and most importantly we are proud of the connections we’ve made throughout the community including the Community Creative who we look to support in future years.

This year we were challenged to include more female artists and that’s a direction we will continue to take in the following year. One of the many reasons we don’t showcase female talent as much as we should is that we don’t have many female artists reaching out to us. Nonetheless, this year we are going to make it our priority to balance the playing field regardless of who reaches out. What makes JUMP special is that we’re able to find some really cool artists (regardless of their gender) with 10, 100 or maybe 1,000 followers and we’re often able to see them later picked up by Complex, Noisey or FADER a couple weeks or months after we’ve featured them. If anything, we’re hoping to see this happen more frequently and I am confident that it will as we prioritize quality over quantity.

Granted, it’s difficult for upcoming artists to release high quality songs if they lack the resources and so I want this site to be like a launching pad. I want people to come to JUMP and meet mentors or peers that they can learn from and grow with. I want you to be able to differentiate between legitimate criticism and “hater” mentality. I think it’s so important that if you’re looking for it – you get an honest opinion on your work. And when it comes resources, I hope to look for more events, grants, competitions etc. that I think some of you would benefit from. Remember to show your support by liking our Facebook page and following our moves on Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud (the handle is jumpthemagazine for all accounts).

Thanks for your gratitude – you always have ours. Cheers to a great year of great music.

Sincerely Yours,


Chief Editor

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