Charlotte Day Wilson – Her name alone is fascinating; like Lana Del Rey or Eddie Van Halen it just rolls off the tongue. With a guitar in hand and soul in her heart it’s not just her name that you’ll remember but her lyrics. The Toronto singer has captured the attention of thousands which helped her tour in 2016. She traveled throughout the States off the back of her debut EP CDW. For those that missed the opportunity, photographer Devon Little captured intimate moments of the tour .

The fall tour was a growing experience for the artist who traveled from Toronto to Arizona to Washington and more. During those months she  gathered crowds that valued the themes woven into her r&b, soul and bluesy album. Apart from “Work” the most popular song off the record;”Where Do You Go ft. River Tiber” and “Find You” are noteworthy.

Her songs are slow, thoughtful and successful in part due to the mood she captures and holds throughout their entirety. There is a sense of power in her subtlety. Mysterious as she is, Charlotte Day Wilson is an emerging rare talent.



ARTIST: Charlotte Day Wilson
PHOTO: Devon Little
WORDS: Leandre

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