Last fall Tika Simone commonly known as TiKA released an EP entitled Carry On to heal those of wounds that had yet to appear. For many, 2016 was a year of political unrest, unmasked injustices and blatant discrimination.

A recent article by Dazed & Confused Magazine noted “How Black Music Helped Heal 2016.” The sounds of jazz, funk and soul emulated a spirit of resilience through the likes of Solange Knowles, Chance The Rapper, Jamila Woods and Childish Gambino. While consolation was not the motivation for all artists it certainly was the outcome. Having received critical acclaim for “A Seat at the Table” Solange’s record label recognized TiKA’s work through a candid tweet.

Carry On was a solo project with a guest appearance by rapper/producer Clairmont The Second who enhanced the overall tone of the project. Prior to Carry On, TiKA broke her six-year hiatus with Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid a moving EP that juxtaposed her vulnerability and strength. She reached out to several creatives for this project including; McCallaman, Shi Wisdom, and Tamera Russell but managed to keep it unequivocally personal.

TiKA’s activism is not limited to her artistry but finds its way into the pop culture and political podcast #GYALCAST as well #BAREGYAL an event series that celebrates women of color. #GYALCAST is an unfiltered podcast that speaks on hot topics while #BAREGYAL invites people of color into a room of song and dance. Both ventures celebrate their carribean namesake and are successful subsidiaries of TiKA’s music blog The Known Unknown. In spite of a gloomy year TiKA managed to shine light into the lives of others and is set to do the same this year.

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