Canadian director Stella Meghie is rapidly establishing herself in film. Her indie production “Jean of Joneses” screened at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) along with the Regent Park Film Festival (RPFF).

Having been raised in Toronto, it’s comforting to see her come back to the city with a film that tells the story of a Jamaican-American family. Toronto’s vibrant Caribbean culture may have been a point of inspiration but her screenplay extends farther than ethnicity.

“Jean of Joneses” is a film about families and the many secrets they keep in order to stay intact. A combination of humor, wit and romance adds to the film’s brilliance. The lead character, Jean Jones (played by Taylor Paige) unapologetically highlights imperfections.


“Everything, Everything,” is the director’s next film which she will follow with a comedy pilot under Warner Bros. She’s also expected to have some work featured on VH1 and BET which speaks volumes about her work ethic. There’s no doubt that Stella Meghie is an influencer and we look forward to seeing how it propels her career.

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