Black Bouquet is about love, loss and insanity. Apart from “Crazy” Leila Dey sings about the perils of a turbulent mind on the latter half of “Fine By Me”. For the most part the song is an upbeat hair-flip type track, but the singer slows things down and opens up to listeners at the 2-minute mark. She acknowledges her audience directly as she speaks on the loss of her sister and her shrinking friend group. In her words, ‘sometimes I think you’ve got to lose your mind to find your peace’.

The artist switches things up with “Flexin” which gives us a glimpse into her relationship and “Next Factor” which hints that she’s ready to move on. “Next Factor” draws some inspiration from Lauryn Hill’s “Ex-Factor” and features some of Leila Dey’s most diverse vocal performance. The song starts with deep soulful moments and shifts to high-pitched cadences as she asks ‘tell me who I have to be gain some reciprocity?’


“Hardest thing to do is to say goodbye, when you know you won’t say hello”


This EP is smooth, each song flows into the next which ultimately upstages her debut I’ve Arrived. If there’s something to be said about the symbolism and themes surrounding this EP it’s that this artist seems to be putting to rest certain memories and perhaps people that have weighed heavy on her heart.



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