Hey JUMP readers,

I am putting JUMP on hold indefinitely to focus on my mental health. This is not an easy decision, but a necessary one.

Although articles have been few and far between this year I’ve continued to receive music submissions and invitations to listening parties which I really appreciate. The JUMP community is an amazing one!

My advice to singers and rappers that have reached out to me is the following: Do your research! There’s a lot of blogs and magazines dedicated to Toronto music so find them and pitch your music/brand to the ones that appeal to you. Do not dismayed by a “no.” When I say no to artists it’s because; (1) I’m not catering to the audience that their music is intended for, (2) I don’t feel as though their music has matured enough, or (3) I don’t think they should be in the music business (not everyone’s an artist, sorry).

To my graphic artists, continue to collaborate with others. You’ll see a lot more growth and coverage. For my fashionista’s – set new trends and re-imagine existing ones.

As for myself? Well, I intend to continue writing. I’m a freelancer so I plan to do more articles for different publications.  I’m also just getting into the film business so maybe you’ll see my name in future film credits. Besides those things, my main priority is improving my health.

I encourage everyone to take their mental health seriously. Your life is special and worth living and when you feel like it isn’t, remember this post and get the help you need to reaffirm your value and purpose on Earth.

Much Love,


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